DC Harrell

Hi. Thanks for visiting DCHarrell.com.

People in the speculative fiction world call me DC. Well, people who call me anything call me DC. I write mostly fantasy fiction, a little science fiction, and a great deal about both.

You might call me a speculator.

I have been panning for gold—in waters other than speculative fiction—and putting my discoveries out to the universe since grad-school. For about five years, I was a book-editor in-house with a publishing company. Since then, I freelance. And I can’t say enough about writers’ groups.

I used to live on the edge, the right edge, but a few years ago I moved to the middle. Upper Midwest, to be specific. For a while, I tried to idealize it. I told myself this could be Middle Earth if I looked hard enough, squinted my eyes sometimes. But this is no Tolkien-creation. Let’s just call it Middle Land.

Speculators  discovered no gold when they rushed Middle Land, but here I am, mining for nuggets nevertheless. Or flakes. Always hoping to strike a vein. Then I rush my little bag of sparkle onto the dwarf-scales, willing the sons of Durin to judge it better than fool’s gold.

Not to be too hasty. This is Middle Land, remember. Acquisitions editors and agents are more like ents than dwarves when it comes to taking a risk. I know. I was the slush-pile scooper many lifetimes ago.

Getting published is like waiting out an entmoot while you sharpen your pen. Only longer. Hence my (pending) foray into hasty Twitter fiction.

Meantime I’m still digging for the rock-hard, precious-metal vein of truth that you can only find in stories. I’ve tried to stop, tried to give it up. I can’t.

And now you’re here, poking around in the dark, smacking the rock, talking to this crack we call a shaft as if it might answer back.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

As far as I am concerned, the word [artist] means ‘I am looking. I am hunting for it. I am deeply involved.’ —Vincent van Gogh

Oh, and this seems to be important for speculative fiction writers: I have a cat. You can call him Briscoe. He’ll let you pet him if you sit down. Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable.

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Thanks for keeping it all clean(ish).