Free Read

Sometimes a literary (maga)zine posts a call. Sometimes I submit a short. Since an unaccepted story of this sort is unlikely to suit another publisher’s vision, I collect them here.

More for you.

CoopCoop is my response to this photo posted by Revolver for their 300-word Wanted #5. Taking care of the chickens was my chore when I was a kid, living in Africa. The rest should be obvious.

Safe Word answered Revolver‘s Wanted #9. They asked for 300 words, starting with the sentence: “To be honest with you guys, I’ve already forgotten the safe word.” For this piece I channeled my inner edge. On the right edge, where I used to live next to the water, profanity was common. Everyday conversation sounded like an episode of the Smurfs. Natives of the edge employed the f-word whenever an adjective, interjection, salutation—you name it—was wanted. If you don’t care for foul language, you should smurfing stay the smurf away from this one.