Safe Word

@DC Harrell, 07.19.13

To be honest with you guys, I’ve already forgotten the safe word. You don’t tell the fuckin pool shark your fuckin safe word while he’s workin you over the first time. Safe word’s like my ma did when I was a kid. Every year a new safe word and the constant breathin down my neck: “What’s the safe word? Remember the safe word. Tell me the safe word.” C’mon. How long you been drinkin?

But you’re solid fellas. Invitin me over to your place. I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. Woa. That’s some piano. You fellas play? My ma made me take lessons but only a year. Some kid broke into the monstrance and Father Murphy told my ma I couldn’t practice in the chancel no more. Said it wasn’t safe to leave the church unlocked. What’s the matta with your face? You gotta twitch in your eye?  It’s like a tell for the cops. Fuckin fuzz always go for the twitchy guys first.

So whata you got? Let’s have a taste. Business. Everybody selling their ma’s hooch as if it’s fuckin old country, but I ain’t been running the bar since yesterday. You fellas seem solid. Nice stone for a basement, gotta tell ya. Not like them yuppies turning the neighborhood into fuckin condos down Sixth. You seen Touchie’s Bar? Shame. This solid? Not that composite shit. Seal it first? These steps go down a ways. Must be under the harbor by now. Kinda echos. C’mon. You import granite but not lights? I gotta a lighter. Hang on. I said fuckin wait a second. Fuck. What is that fuckin smell? Whata you fellas bankin down here? Fuck. I fuckin dropped it. Shit. There’s fuckin water all over the fuckin floor.



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