Writing Suggestions

Stuff you already know:

  1. Write every day.
  2. Find someone to read your stuff and offer constructive criticism. Do the same for them. Form or join a writers’ group.
  3. Don’t be a perfectionist. Do use good grammar and punctuation.
  4. Submit your stories on a regular basis. I like Ralan for that. You could also try Duotrope.
  5. Follow the submissions guidelines.
  6. Submit your story somewhere else immediately when it is rejected.
  7. Turn off your social media. Keep writing.

Stuff you might not have thought about (and I’m lousy at):

  1. Deal with it. Editors have the power of rejection and you don’t. Half of them are writers, who are procrastinating from their own writing by editing.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to other writers. Don’t compare your stories to other people’s stories. That sucks the joy out of writing faster than a New York minute, which—if you don’t know—is the nanosecond between when the light turns green and the cars behind you start honking.
  3. Create in media that aren’t writing. It’ll help you see the truth, beauty, terror, paradox, sorrow, balance, exhaustion, and love of the universe—better. It might unblock a block.
  4. Don’t treat editors badly. They have feelings, bad days, genres they like, and a bunch of stuff they don’t know.